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As light comes from the dark, music was born from the silence.

The silence must underpin and wrap the notes so that the melody appears and develop the nuances of musical interpretation or the subtleties of a visual work.

The silence is therefore a crucial component of the musical signal. All audiophiles today understand the importance of the quality of the electric current which impurities degrade the silence necessary for good reproduction of musical or visual signals.

Unfortunately, to date, the solutions proposed to fight against this phenomenon result inevitably with a depletion of the music signal and a net degradation of dynamics.

For 10 years, we seek tirelessly for solutions to improve the quality of our electric current . Today, we are proud to offer you a range of products, fruit of such research, allowing you to enforce the silence in your power supply, in order to give their place to the music and the image.

It is this silence newly found, which allows the development of music in all its natural qualities, without aggressiveness none even at high levels, with an extension of bandwidth and a newfound dynamic.

Here is our range of  ultra-isolation purifiers, the "Epure", whose main function is to eliminate the parasitic sounds conveyed by the power supply.

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